viernes, 7 de diciembre de 2007


Dr. Mary: Hello, Mrs. Natalia. How are you today?

Mrs. Natalia: I feel terrible.

Dr. Mary: So, What`s wrong, exactly?

Mrs. Natalia: I`m exhausted.

Dr. Mary: Hmm. Why are you so tired?

Mrs. Natalia: I Just cant´s sleep at nigth.

Dr. Mary: Ok. Let´s take a look at you.


This Maracaibo´s Avenue it`s called: El Milagro. It´s an historic street. The boy in front of The Lago Mall it´s crossing street to get a car.
In Maracaibo public traffic it´s based on cars of five persons, and each one pay. In El Milagro the most of traffic car are a Urbe - Lago Mall - Galerias. And other line car that goes to the Maraacibo downtown called: El Milagro.


About Cooking, I just cook chicken with rice and meat on coconut. By the way, I love when my mother cooks. She cooks delicious dishes, like: Paella, fish fries with lemmon, and others ethnic Venezuelan dishes.


Halloween it´s a celebration when people make jokes and says: Treack or Treat. All Kids put in costumes and go to streets for scary people. I made jokes a lot on Halloween. Halloween day`s it`s on October 30th


A party it`s a teenager celebration when people get together just for have fun. Almost, parties celebrates on weekends and people get drunk and dance a lot. I went to a party like this last weekend I arrived really late to my house.


THE CHINITA`S CELEBRATION It`s a big party that celebrates in Maracibo city on November. I went to the Chinita`s Celebration past month and I arrived to my house almost at 6:00 am.

Talent Show

In the sport part, I like Football a lot and I like Basketball too! I spend a lot of my free time playing Football with some friends.
After University, My friends and I play in the Pachencho Romero Stadium.